GQ Chiropractic

Dr. Garrison Gourdeau and Dr. Austin Quon own a Chiropractic practice located in Newport Beach. The "G" is
for Gourdeau and that letter creates the negative space for the inside of the "Q" for Quon. The light blue to
darker blue gradient represents their love for the water and beach, but also has calming effects for those
looking to get their spine adjusted.
Pi Sigma Epsilon

Pi Sigma Epsilon is a co-ed professional fraternity in the fields of sales, marketing and management. As part of a national society, we created a regional logo for Cal Poly Pomona's chapter. We kept the colors of amethyst and gold to still represent sincerity and belief. The white wings represent the eagle from the national crest which symbolizes wisdom. The gold pillar is a nod from the national logo which symbolizes stability. And the chains around the border symbolize the strength and unity between our brothers and sisters of the fraternity.
Polytechnique Breakers

Polytechnique Breakers is breakdancing club/crew at Cal Poly Pomona. "Polytechnique" is a portmanteau of polytechnic and technique, combining the applications of both learn by doing, but also refining your breaking technique. The middle of the logo shows a triangular shape consisting of a "P" for Polytechnique, utilizing only its stem and bowl, using the negative space for the "b" for Breakers. The lines around the "Pb" shape represent the flow of music that encompasses the rhythm of breakdancing itself.

Riders of the Mid-Afternoon (ROTMA)

Riders of the Mid-Afternoon, or ROTMA, is a crew consisting of four longboarders: Jason Djapri, Josh Phonsiri, Timmy Hoang, and myself. One day, we all decided to ride our longboards around 3:00pm and just simply named ourselves exactly what we were doing at the time. The logo consists of the letters "R," "O," "T," "M, " and "A" all integrated into one shape. In addition, the whole shape resembles that of a longboard nose.

United Business Student Senate (UBSS)

The United Business Student Senate is one of the eight academic councils found at Cal Poly Pomona which serves 20+ student organizations within the College of Business Administration. The logo is in the shape of a shield with the acronym of "UBSS" and the full length of the name in a non-serif, yet sophisticated typeface. At the bottom of the shield is a small crest with laurel leaves that symbolize triumph and success as well as a line shape that represents the College of Business Administration area's roofing symbolizing the business organizations under one roof.


Waves is a student organization at Cal Poly Pomona dedicated to fostering growth and development in our community through a diverse collection of philanthropic and volunteer activities. Their motto is, "In the business of giving back" being founded to be a catalyst between the clubs in the College of Business Administration, in terms of community service projects and the non-profit business sector. The logo uses a non-serif typeface that utilizes the even spacing between the letters as well as the tail of the "S" to emphasize the flow of the word itself. The bold, blue color also represents trust, loyalty, and responsibility in addition to highlight the waves meaning of flowing water, but also making waves in your community.
Yuki Trip

Yuki Trip is an event created to celebrate my friends, Joseph Gaite and Valencia Lauran's, birthdays together in Big Bear. In commemoration, they wanted to create pint glasses with some type of design that embodied their love of the snowy mountains as well as their mutual love for Japanese culture. The design consists of the sun/moon atop (since it was a 3-day event), two snowy mountain peaks, and two "Japanese" characters at the bottom. The left Japanese character is Kanji for "yuki" meaning snow. The right character is made to look like Kanji, but is actually
in English letters spelling out "trip" from top to bottom. 

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